Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Venture into blogging for money

Having heard people talk a lot about earning tons of money doing nothing (blogging!), I decided to give this a try. Let me share my experience in my new venture.

1. Create a home in web

You need a place to start, a place you can call your home in web. There are plenty of free blog hosting services on the web. Blogger is just one of the places to start. Wordpress is a very popular alternative.

I've had this blogger site for quite some time. But I never took the initiative to write any content. I also had created my own google site. I've decided to use these two websites as my test/launching platform.

2. Create an adsense account

Create an adsense account. Google requires you to provide them your address and phone-number and a website that you are going to use to place your ads. Click on sign-up button on the website and provide your details. Ensure you have some content, at-least a single webpage, in your blog/website before you apply for the account. If the site is empty or under-construction, your application could be rejected.

The adsense site says it could take up to 7 days (1-2 days typically) for your application to get approved. My application got approved under a day.

3. Link your websites/blogs with adsense account

Linking blogger to google adsense account is pretty easy. Just click on "Monetise" link from your blogger home.

If you decided to create your own website/blogging system, logon to your adsense account. "Adsense setup" tab contains information about setting up customised ads for your website.

4. Just start blogging

Do I really have to explain this?

Additional references
I tried to do some research on how much people earn and how they earn blogging. I found following pages useful.

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